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Step 3: Basic Set up

Time Zone

In order for the unit to display the proper time, you must set your time zone.

Press"*ZONE*". Use the "*UP*" and"*DOWN*" options to set the correct zone. Time Zones can be set in the range from -12 to +12 hours.

U.S. Time Zones will be displayed in the following abbreviations:

  • Atlantic Time
    (ATL) -4h Eastern
  • Standard Time
    (EST) -5h
  • Central Standard Time
    (CST) -6h
  • Mountain Standard Time
    (MST) -7h
  • Pacific Standard Time
    (PST) -8h
  • Alaska Time
    ( ALA ) -9h
  • Hawaiian Time
    (HAW) -10h

When set, press"*NEXT*", to go to Daylight Saving Time.

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Step 4: MIN/MAX Values & Alarm Settings

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