WWVB Time & Date
General Overview
Basic Set Up
LCD Contrast
Time Zone
Daylight Saving Time
Radio Controlled Clock
12/24 Time Display
Units of Measurment
MIN/MAX Values
Set Time & Date
Set Wake Alarm
Weather Tendency
Air Pressure History
Stored Values
Set Weather Alarms
Rain Function
Wind Function
EL Backlight
PC Connection

Step 3: Basic Set up

Radio Controlled Clock

The weather center default is having the RCC "OFF". When this option is set to "OFF", the weather center clock will operate as a normal Quartz clock.

This option must be turned "ON" in order to receive the WWVB time reception.

Once the radio controlled clock is set to "ON", Press"*NEXT*" to go to set the 12/24 Time Display


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Step 4: MIN/MAX Values & Alarm Settings

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