WWVB Time & Date
General Overview
Basic Set Up
LCD Contrast
Time Zone
Radio Controlled Clock
12/24 Time Display
Units of Measurment
Temperature Display
Wind Speed Display
Rain Amount Display
Air Pressure Display
Relative Air Pressure Display
Weather Tendency Display
Storm Warning Display
Relearn Mode Display
Default Settings Display
MIN/MAX Values
Set Time & Date
Set Wake Alarm
Weather Tendency
Air Pressure History
Stored Values
Set Weather Alarms
Rain Function
Wind Function
EL Backlight
PC Connection

Step 3: Basic Set up

Units of Measurement

Default Setting Display

Press"*FACTORY RESET*". This will reset all set and or stored values to the factory settings set prior to shipment.

Press"*CONFIRM*" to perform this function."**Please Note: This will take 5 minutes for the factory reset process.

During this time, the screen will display:

Once the reset is finished, the LCD will switch off and the screen will read:

Remove the battery and perform system start again.

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Step 4: MIN/MAX Values & Alarm Settings

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