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Step 15: PC Connection

This software will display all the weather station data in the form of "complete history data sets" on your PC.

Data Storage:
For a comprehensive weather history, the weather center allows the internal storage of up to 1750 complete sets of weather data with time and date. These data sets are being stored in non-volatile ring buffer memory (EEPROM) and will not be lost even in the case of an interruption of power supply (e.g. change of batteries). In case the memory capacity of the weather center is exhausted, the oldest data sets stored will be overwritten by the new ones entered.

Data Recall:
The weather data stored can only be read out, processed and displayed by means of PC. Also, the settings of the storing intervals from 1 minute to 24 hours of the storage of data sets can only be performed by means of PC.

Connections and Software: The connection between the weather station and the PC goes through the included COM Port cable and the “Heavy Weather Pro 3610" software package. Install the software on your PC. This software allows the display of all present weather data with graphic symbols (see graphics). It further allows the display, storage and printing of history data sets, whose volume exceeding the maximum 1750 data sets of the weather center, is only limited by the capacity of the PC's main memory.

Furthermore, the present weather data can be tied on to websites by means of the “Web Publisher" software. History data can be displayed as diagrams and graphs, with the “Heavy Weather Pro 3610" software.

For further details on the PC Connection, please see the Help File on the installation disk.

This is the end of the tutorial on the WS-3600

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