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Step 7: History

The weather station can store up to 200 sets of weather data which are recorded automatically at 3-hour intervals after the weather station is powered up, at the nearest time of 0:00, 03:00 , 06:00 , 09:00 , 12:00 , 15:00 , 18:00 and 21:00 . For instance, if user has manually set the time as 14:52 after installing batteries, the first history record will be made at the coming 15:00 automatically. Then the second record will be on 18:00 and so on.

Each weather record includes the Wind direction, Wind speed in Beaufort scale, Wind chill temperature, wind speed, Outdoor temp and humidity, relative pressure and total rainfall, pressure history and weather tendency. Also, the time and date of recording will be displayed.

To view the weather history:

  • Press the HISTORY button. The latest weather record will be shown with the date and time of recording. The "HISTORY" icon will be displayed at the bottom of the LCD.
  • Press MIN/ MAX to view older records. (Press MIN/MAX and + button to view "Previous" and "Next" record respectively. The records are made at 3-hour intervals)

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