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Weather Tendency
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Step 1: Basic Set up

Units of Measurement

Weather Tendency Threshold Value Setting

You may select a definite switching threshold value, 0.06 inHg, 0.09 inHg or 0.12 inHg for the change in the display of weather icons . This represents the "sensitivity" of the weather forecast (the smaller the value selected, the more sensitive the weather forecast). The default value is 0.09 inHg.

Press the "SET" button 13 times to enter the Weather Tendency Threshold Value Setting:

  • The threshold value will start flashing
  • Use the + or MIN/MAX button to select the value.
  • Press the HISTORY button or wait for about 30 seconds and the display will return to normal display mode automatically.

Go to Storm Warning Display.

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Step 2: MIN/MAX Values

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