NEW!  WS-1600 Professional Weather Center

Download the latest version of “HeavyWeatherProV1.1” PC Software for the WS-3600

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Download WS-3600 Sample History File

Instructions to implement the Sample History File

Version 1.1 has the following additional features:

  1. The History Data may be exported as a text file so that the Data may easily be used in other programs.
  2. “Edit” and “Delete” functions are enabled to allow the user to modify a field in the History or Graph Data. The software will verify that the values set by the user are within the proper measuring limits of the weather station. “OFL” will be displayed if a user enters a value which is beyond the limit.
  3. All corresponding Data Templates and Graphs will instantly be updated when the History Data is changed.
  4. It is now more convenient to print each of the individual file types: A “Print” function is available for History files, Template files, and Graph files.
  5. Users may select from “COM 1” to “COM 8” to choose the connection port between the touch screen weather station and the PC.
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