WS-2300, WS-2310, WS-2315   Hardware Manual for the base unit and accessories
(WS-2300, WS-2310, WS-2315)
  Quick Set-Up for WS-2300, WS-2310, WS-2315   Quick Set-Up Manual for the base unit
(WS-2300, WS-2310, WS-2315)
  Heavyweather PC Software

Heavyweather PC software that operates with the WS-2300, WS-2310, and WS-2315 to download and install on your pc.

This software allows you to access the latest weather information from your PC, receiving up to 175 sets of weather data recorded by the base station. This information can then be used to generate useful statistics and charts on Excel spreadsheets (Excel not included). Unlimited data sets can be transferred to PC memory for indefinite history records.

  Heavyweather PC Software
Heavyweather Manual
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  Heavyweather Review PC Software

WEATHER REVIEW is a new essential tool for analysis & visualization of weather data collected by your WS-2300, WS-2310, or WS-2315 unit.

How does WEATHER REVIEW work?

WEATHER REVIEW uses the stored weather history data collected by Heavy Weather Version 2.0 Beta Release to generate detailed graphical reports.